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    HaZa Construction joins Dr. Mohamed Asim to build his home at G. Vaijeheyge Aage

    January 24th, 2019

    On Saturday, 19th January 2019, the construction agreement to build a 6-storey house at the plot belonging to Dr. Mohamed Asim at G. Vaijeheyge Aage was signed by the owner and HaZa. The clients went through a very thorough process of interacting with HaZa to gain full confidence that their home construction is in capable and right hands. G. Vaijeheyge Aage is located in the vicinity of Athamaa Palace. The building will consist of two-bedroom and three-bedroom duplex apartments. The first and second floor each occupies two-bedroom apartments, designed for optimum space utilization and convenient accessibility and usage. The third floor up to the sixth floor hosts three-bedroom duplex apartments, each occupying two floors to provide spacious, grand and comfortable living space. The ground floor will be utilized for commercial purposes.

    The discussions and initial planning phases were extensive and methodical as HaZa believes in full client involvement and satisfaction; HaZa doesn’t view residential construction as just another project, but as momentous work to fulfil the dreams of house owners and their families by building their dreams and making it a reality.

    The same unique and individual attention is paid by HaZa to each and every single residential construction project HaZa engages in.



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