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    Ma. Dheydharuge construction project is progressing on schedule

    October 6th, 2018

    As works for the 9th floor slab is completed at Ma. Dheydharuge and efforts for 10th floor slab continue, the project Work Schedule continues to be matched by the hard working labour force of HaZa Construction at the project site. With shuttering work ongoing, anytime now the concrete for columns will be complete as well and then it is time for the final slab!

    Concurrently, after all works are completed in the 5th floor, including the fabrication of the kitchen cupboards, our finishing teams are headed to the 6th floor for screeding and tiling. All other finishing works will be carried out as efficiently as Haza construction strives to stay up to date and on time for any project, to ensure our client suffers no unnecessary overheads.



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