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    We are a vibrant, trusted, innovative, privately owned commercial construction company active in almost all sectors of the  industry in the Maldives. With over 5 years of experience and over 26 project under our belt, we currently operate largely in Male’ with recent expansion into Villimale’ and with further plans to expand into Hulhumale’ in the near future.

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    HaZa Construction joins Dr. Mohamed Asim to build his home at G. Vaijeheyge Aage

    On Saturday, 19th January 2019, the construction agreement to build a 6-storey house at the plot belonging to Dr. Mohamed Asim at G. Vaijeheyge Aage was signed by the owner and HaZa. The clients went through a very thorough process of interacting with HaZa to gain full confidence that their home construction is in capable […]

    HaZa Construction joins H. Aaroshan owners to build their home

    On Thursday, 18th October 2018, HaZa Construction and the family of the owners of H.Aaroshan signed the construction agreement to build their ten storey home. The clients went through a very thorough process of interacting with HaZa and learning to ensure their construction project was in safe and trusted hands. H. Aaroshan is located near […]

    Ma. Dheydharuge construction project is progressing on schedule

    As works for the 9th floor slab is completed at Ma. Dheydharuge and efforts for 10th floor slab continue, the project Work Schedule continues to be matched by the hard working labour force of HaZa Construction at the project site. With shuttering work ongoing, anytime now the concrete for columns will be complete as well […]

    M. Cottage: A new partnership is formed!

    September starts with the developers of M. Cottage and Haza Construction coming into partnership for the construction of a 10 storey semi luxury building. Haza and the clients for this project have been working very closely and openly to have this partnership established. The clients have expressed which aspects of Haza made Haza their choice […]

    It’s almost deadline day at Ma. Vinafehi

    With deadline day fast approaching, work at ground floor Ma. Vinafehi has picked up and is moving at high speed. Specialized HAZA teams had been simultaneously working on carpentry work, electrical and and tiling inside the building while the ramp area concrete screeding is laid, paving a perfect entrance to the main door and connecting […]

    H. Thinnoonu terrace parapet wall is in the safest hands

    With 100% of concrete done on H. Thinnoonu terrace parapet wall, work is going smoothly for a great finish. With our experienced teams on the job carefully mending the steel rods and providing the perfect and safe reinforcement, it all looks absolutely great. Work is certainly on schedule and looks like it will stay the […]

    HaZa Construction completes exterior and interior works for Amina Residency

    July 2018 HaZa Construction has completed the exterior and interior works for Amina Residency at H. Feyrugashoshuge. This is a major renovation of exterior and interior with very major interior design changes and finishing, to provide high class accommodation and relaxation. Final touch-ups are now ongoing before the Residency is opened. It was a difficult […]

    HAZA lays terrace slab for H. Thinnoonu Project

    HAZA has laid the final concrete slab, for the terrace, of the 10 storey building at H. Thinnoonu on 24 July 2018. This project is now completing all its concrete works while floors up to fifth floor have been completed with finishing works as well. The Project will be moving into its last phase within […]

    The 2nd concrete slab of V. Valla has been casted

    The 2nd concrete slab of V. Valla, a project in Villimale’, was casted on 13 June 2018. V. Valla is one of the recent project’s of HAZA and it is also HAZA’s first full complete project in Villimale’. This milestone event is a remarkable achievement for HAZA and a monumental moment. V. Valla is approximately […]

    HAZA signs an agreement to install Spain’s No. 1 and Europe’s Top 10 Lift, Orona, for all its projects!

    HaZa, in its efforts to find the most secure, reliable, affordable and aesthetically pleasant elevators for its clients, has joined hands with Ascensor Pvt Ltd as partners to supply and install elevators for projects of HaZa. Ascensor, is a tie-up company with the very established European elevator company Orona Group. Orona is among the top […]

    HAZA Construction Private Limited is a liability limited company registered in the Republic of Maldives. The company registration number is C-413/2009.

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